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Better Health
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The truth is when you incorporate education, knowledge, motivation, and social support, people change behaviors for the better. Our wellness classes are great at helping you adopt and maintain the healthy actions that lead to a better-managed and balanced life.

Essential Oils Classes at Above & Beyond Wellness

Introduction to Wellness Classes

Wellness classes consist of small groups of people, gathered together in person or online, designed to teach about the various aspects of health and wellness that can improve our daily lives, mentally and physically.

Wellness classes can range from ways to cope with stress, how to incorporate exercise into our busy schedules, how to “do yoga,” and even how to make natural products with essential oils.

It’s not uncommon that our day-to-day lives’ hecticness can bring unwanted physical and mental health issues. Wellness classes help combat those issues and help you reclaim and improve your health.

Classes also offer social interaction with others that have common interests and needs.

Benefits of Wellness Classes

There are many benefits to wellness classes, yet depending on the wellness class you attend, they have one common trait; they help you integrate better choices and products geared to improve your overall well-being.

Between learning how to cope with stress, how to stretch, or even mediate, these benefits have very positive and long-term effects on your physical and mental health.

A wellness class can show you how to replace everyday products filled with toxic chemicals that harm you with hand-made, all-natural Young Living Essential Oils products that will help you, naturally.

Combined with stretch, self-care, and guided meditation classes, you’re sure to broaden your knowledge of natural wellness solutions that you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day lifestyle.

Ultimately wellness classes help you;

  • Learn how to deal with stress efficiently.
  • Incorporate more stretch into your routine.
  • Understand how to make various products with all-natural essential oils.
  • Become happier, and increase productivity.
  • Improve relationships with others by simply feeling better.
  • Ultimately prevent a variety of unwanted ailments.
Jogging is a Benefit of Wellness Classes

Wellness Classes & Services

No matter which wellness class you sign up for, we always recommend dressing comfortably and coming into the class with an open mind knowing you’re going to leave feeling so much better than when you entered it.

Stretch & Self-Care

Learn how to get the most out of stretching, whether, at work or home, you’ll learn how to use trigger point relief methods to create your own quick and efficient routine.

One of our licensed massage therapists who specializes in the best therapeutic and rehabilitation practices leads this class.

Young Living Essential Oil

Create 100% natural, vegan products like scrubs, lotions, inhalers, bath bombs, detergent, disinfectants, air fresheners, ice-cream, lemonade, teas, and more.

Learn how to make them and what and how to use them. This class can be a little messy, so dress accordingly.

Guided Meditation

Designed to help you better balance your daily load, de-stress your body, clear your mind, improve your breathing, and even experience sleep better.  Led by an LMT trained in guided meditation.

Clients that attend this class leave feeling great and ready to conquer their world.


ZYTO Scan is cutting-edge, FDA-cleared technology that uses your body’s feedback to help determine health, wellness, & emotional issues you may not be aware of. It does this by “measuring your body for galvanic skin response, the scan can determine which nutritional supplements & oils your body is most biologically coherent with.”

What Do Wellness Classes & Services Cost?

Our wellness classes range from 20 to 90 minutes. Members receive discounts.

Wellness Classes & Services

Stretch & Self-Care

In-person, with a max of 5 guests per class. We also offer this class virtually via Google Meet so that you can join in from anywhere.

25-30 minute class
$10 Member
$15 Non-Member

Young Living Essential Oil

In-person, with a max of 10 guests per class.

60-90 minute class
$25 Member
$35 Non-Member

Guided Meditation

In-person, with a max of 8 guests per class. We also offer this class virtually via Google Meet so that you can join in from anywhere.

20-30 minute class
$10 Member
$15 Non-Member


This only requires your hand on a large computer hand-like mouse for about 10 minutes, no needles, blood, or urine necessary & it’s safe for everyone, including pets! Reporting takes another 10-20 minutes.

30 Minutes
$45 Member
$50 Non-Member

Interested in saving? Become a member today!

Essential Oils Classes at Above & Beyond Wellness

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We are known as the best choice in wellness to Fenton.  We offer the most experienced, passionate professionals around. You’ll experience the cleanest, most inviting, and relaxing environment. And you’ll be taught how to incorporate wellness into your life with simple and affordable solutions.

Experience Above & Beyond Wellness Spa and see for yourself why it’s not our job; it’s our calling!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wellness class?

Wellness classes are designed to teach the students about the various aspects of health and wellness. From incorporating exercise and meditation to incorporating all-natural products, you’ll benefit from attending a wellness class.

What is the concept of wellness?

The wellness concept is incorporating healthier daily habits into a busy routine to achieve better physical and mental health. They change your day-to-day from just getting by to thriving.

What do you learn in health and wellness?

The 3-legged stool to health and wellness includes eating right, exercising, and achieving better sleep. Classes can help educate and train you on all three by showing you how to improve your life through better wellness.

Have more questions?  Just ask!

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