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Yes, the right type of massage will help you de-stress and even help stop chronic pain depending on your specific need.  At Above & Beyond Wellness Spa, we’re proud to be known as the best massage spa offering assisted stretch, couples massages, prenatal massages, lymphatic massages, sports, deep tissue massages, cupping massages, and our popular Swedish massages. We also offer myofascial release and craniosacral release therapies.

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Introduction to Massage

Massage has been around for about 5,000 years.  It becomes more popular in the early 1900s. Today, massage still consists of touch that manipulates the muscles & soft tissues to increase blood flow and relieve stress, tension, and pain.

There are many techniques to address different issues. Whether an injury from a car accident or playing a sport, or years of sitting at a desk or driving a car, the side effect of surgery, or even too much yard work, massage will help. During a massage, the pressure will vary depending on the session’s focus and the client’s personal preference.

Our main tools include hands, elbows & forearms but can consist of cupping cups, vibrational tuning forks, crystal spheres, or an electric massage gun.  We also offer assisted stretch, which, when combined with massage techniques, not only keeps your muscles supple but will also help your massage therapist work more effectively.

Ultimately, our goal is to flush all waste and deliver fresh blood to the muscles while increasing your mobility and overall flexibility.

How Does Massage Work?

Our body adapts to the positions we are most often in & chronic pain develops as a side effect of this adaption.

Every single day, no matter what you physically do, your muscles produce waste called lactic acid. This muscle trash builds up within the muscle tissues, especially without consistently stretching.

Over time, this can be extremely dangerous as even the most precise movement can severely injure. Massage helps reduce these risks to serious injury by taking out the muscle trash & replacing it with blood.

How Does a Massage Work
Benefits of a Massage

Benefits of Massage

There are many benefits to a massage! One of the biggest is that a 1-hour massage offers the same benefits as 8 hours of sleep.

A massage will reduce stress, tension, blood pressure, and pain while increasing circulation, flexibility, mobility, & energy levels.

New medical research shows we are at an increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke due to brachial plexus nerve entrapment due to the increased positioning of having our arms in front of us, like driving, typing, scrolling through phones, etc.

Types of Massages

From the popular Swedish massage offering lighter pressure to our sports deep tissue massage for more firm pressure, we got your back. Consider adding assisted stretch to keep your muscles supple. Our valued customers know us to be the best massage spa serving Fenton.

Assisted Stretch

Our assisted stretch alleviates strain on your joints and enhances flexibility, improves posture and range of motion.

Swedish Massage

We apply both soft, long, kneading strokes with light rhythmic, tapping strokes on your topmost layers of muscles.

Sports / Deep Tissue

Firm to very firm pressure in slow/fast increments to affect the deepest muscles using a range of motion movements.

Myofascial Release

This technique uses no lotion to release the connective tissue that has adhered to the muscles, ligaments, and/or bones.

Cupping Massage

Cupping massage uses “cups” in a particular series of motions to help release the fascia and muscle adhesions.

Cranialsacral Release

CranioSacral Release is a very gentle technique that focuses on the nervous system to relieve pain.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage explicitly address the body’s detoxing ability to help flush out the toxins in your body.

Prenatal Massage

These help best during 12-40+ weeks of pregnancy to relieve discomforts of being pregnant and reduce stress. 

Couples Massages

A favorite of our customers, use the same room with your significant other for a 60 or 90 min massage session.

What Does a Massage Cost?

Massage prices below vary based on session length.  Pricing for specialty massages like deep tissue, Swedish, and alike, are also available on our booking system here.


Our massages range from 30 to 120 minutes. Add assisted stretch and enhance any massage with essential oils, CBD oil, or flower essences for a small upgrade ($5 member / $10 non-member) when you book your massage onlineMembers receive discounts.


Non Member: $50
Member: $45


Non Member: $75
Member: $65


Non Member: $115
Member: $100


Non Member: $150
Member: $130

Assisted Stretch


Non Member: $25
Member: $20


Non Member: $35
Member: $30

Interested in saving? Become a member today!

Couples Massages by Above & Beyond Wellness Spa

Why Choose
Above & Beyond Wellness Spa?

We proudly serve Fenton and surrounding cities as a massage spa. And while we are unique in many ways, we offer “true time” experiences.  Where our competitors offer 50 hands-on minutes for a 60-minute massage price, you’ll experience the full hour massage with us.

Our massage therapists will listen to all your concerns and customize your massage session to help you best. After your session, your therapist will share their findings, including recommendations for going forward. 

With over half a century of combined experience, we’re passionate about helping you feel your best.

That’s not our job; it’s our calling.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is massage therapy used for?

Massage is used to reduce stress, relieve pain, rehabilitation for sports or other injuries, improve mobility, flexibility, sleep & mental focus, reduce anxiety & depression, & release emotional pain in people of all walks of life.

What is the average cost of massage therapy?

The national average cost of a massage is $100  per session, but prices can range anywhere from $65 to $180.  On an hourly basis, average massage prices range from $40 to $145 per hour.

Is massage therapy supposed to be painful?

A massage shouldn’t be painful at any time. Before your session, inform your massage therapist of areas to avoid and the pressure you’d prefer. Once your session has begun, you can communicate with your massage therapist about your comfort with the pressure being applied.

Have more questions?  Just ask!

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We proudly serve Fenton and surrounding cities. We’re a full-service wellness therapy spa taking wellness Above & Beyond the industry standards, leaving you refreshed, relaxed, renewed, and recharged.

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