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Wellness gifts
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Give thoughtful wellness gifts from Above and Beyond Wellness Spa. We are rated five stars and conveniently located. We offer spa sets, relaxation packages, and self-care products perfect for promoting health and wellness for your loved ones.

We’ll even help you create the best custom gift basket with natural, quality products for that loved one on your list! Our products are clean, natural, and never tested on animals so that you can feel good about your purchase.

Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry

We offer a variety of jewelry made with genuine gemstones and crystals to ensure quality, durability, and functionality. We offer necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made with Genuine Swarovski Crystals, pearls, and other natural stones hand-crafted here in St. Louis. We even have holiday-themed jewelry! These make great gifts, but they are even better with a Gift Card!

Crystal Key Chains (donations)

All our Key Chains are made with different crystals that look beautiful and have natural healing properties. The proceeds from our Key Chains support a different local charity each quarter. Currently, we are supporting the Violence Prevention Center, an organization that offers many free services to survivors and their families of physical and emotional violence. Doing something good for yourself is now suitable for others, too!!

Crystal Pocket Pieces

Choose from various loose crystals to put in your pocket, use during meditation, or lay throughout your space to help with various emotional issues. These crystals can help clear blockages, increase energy flow, and balance your system. They are small, smooth, and beautiful to look at!

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to help improve many health and wellness issues, plus they smell so good!

We offer Young Living Essential Oils, the only FDA-approved oils for consumption, so you can cook with them, add them to your water, and even make ice cream!

These are the purest, truest essential oils on the market that are independently tested at a 3rd party facility to ensure the highest quality oils with ZERO ADDITIVES, which means a little oil goes a long way.

Aromatherapy can improve your energy, sleep, stress, anger, frustration, headaches, respiratory issues, skin issues, heartburn, bug bites, and more.

We’re here to help you find the best Essential Oils, whether you know a little, a lot, or nothing about Aromatherapy.

Essential Oils - Hand Sanitizer - Thieves
Essential Oils - Citrus Fresh Vitality
Essential Oils - Lavendar
Essential Oils - Lemon Vitality
Essential Oils - Orange Vitality
Essential Oils - Purification
Essential Oils - Thieves - Vitality
Bath Bombs

Lush Bath Bombs

Our Bath Bombs are made with natural ingredients that will transform your next soak into a retreat that smells amazing while leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

We offer an Oatmeal Milk & Honey Bath Bomb for those with super dry skin or severe skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Our Lavender Bath Bomb is perfect for the super stressed-out person who needs a good night’s sleep.

Try our Eucalyptus Bath Bomb to relieve nasal congestion and open up your sinuses.

Natural Soaps

Our Natural Soaps are made locally in St. Louis with a variety of essential oils, and natural moisturizers without any dyes, preservatives, or artificial fragrances and are never tested on animals.

We have soaps that are great for acne-prone, super dry, sensitive, and normal skin.

These soaps last so long, smell good and don’t leave your skin slimy.

We even have soaps with natural oatmeal for added exfoliation!

This makes a great gift, but even better as part of a custom gift set!

Natural Soaps
Mineral Bath Salt

Mineral Salts

Take home the best Mineral Salts to add to your soak at home that require far less product than Epsom Salts and leaves your skin super soft and smooth.

These Mineral Salts will help to detoxify and relax your muscles and are imported from Germany, where they have stricter laws regarding ingredients in their products.

Choose from the Dream Away or the Lavender Mineral Salts to relax and sleep like a baby! Use the Devil’s Claw Mineral Salts for aches and pains.

The Eucalyptus Mineral Salts are great for muscle aches, pains, and respiratory issues. Choose the Red Poppy & Hemp Mineral Salts for pure bliss and unwinding.

You’ll love every one of these Mineral Salts for how good they make you feel!

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