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We've Joined Forces

Together We Can Make A Difference

Above & Beyond Wellness Spa believes in giving back to the community and those who have sacrificed so much for others.

We are a veteran-owned small business that understands the hardships many veterans face today, how little is covered by the VA, and how few can afford the growing living costs.

We’ve joined forces with The Kaufman Fund of St. Louis to get more support for our veterans.

We want to raise awareness for the goods needed for the food banks that offer free food to the veterans, where you can find these food banks to donate or pick up, and what the dates will be for these events.

We would also like to encourage skilled professionals to contact The Kaufman Fund to donate their time, energy, and skills to these veterans needing dental work, cleaning services, tax services, and more.

The Kaufman Fund
The Kaufman Fund

About The Kaufman Fund

Helping Veterans & Their Families. Over 20 Years of Giving.

The Kaufman Fund is a heartwarming beacon of hope dedicated to supporting veterans and children in need within the St. Louis region. Established in 1990, this compassionate organization has been unwavering in its commitment to positive change.  They focus on those who have served our country, ensuring veterans receive the respect, care, and services they deserve.

Additionally, they extend their nurturing hand to children facing adversity, ensuring they have the resources to thrive. By partnering with The Kaufman Fund, we’re joining a community that believes in making a tangible difference in the lives of veterans and children.

The Kaufman Fund’s approach is deeply rooted in community collaboration. They believe that by working together, we can create a more significant impact. Their partnerships with local agencies ensure that every dollar raised is directed toward those who need it most, maximizing the positive ripple effect throughout the community.

Their events, such as the annual golf tournament and the “Stand Up for Kids” program, are fundraisers and platforms to raise awareness about the challenges veterans and children face. These events foster a sense of unity, bringing together individuals from various backgrounds, all united by a shared purpose.

By supporting The Kaufman Fund, you’re not just donating but investing in a brighter future for veterans and children in the St. Louis region. It’s a testament to the power of collective effort, where compassion meets action and where every contribution, big or small, can make a world of difference.

At Above and Beyond Wellness Spa, we believe joining hands with The Kaufman Fund is a step towards a more inclusive and caring community where every veteran is honored and every child is given a chance to shine.

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